Good day,

I am busy following the tutorials on Mixins in .net using the following documentation. https://www.re-motion.org/download/HOL_mixin_equals.pdf

I downloaded the latest version of re-mix (Remix_1.13.196.0) and noticed that there is no Remotion.Interface dll in the extract. However I have added all the latest dlls's in the bin folder and referenced them. Now the application is compiling but on run time there is an error which says :
The internal method MethodInfo.GetParentDefinition has been removed. We need to patch this implementation.
It breaks in the following code sample (from page 9):
static void MixinImplementation()
    EqualsShowCase.MixinImplementation.StreetAddress wien = ObjectFactory.Create<EqualsShowCase.MixinImplementation.StreetAddress>(ParamList.Empty); <-- this line
Please help. I've copied and pasted the code from the document, but what else do I need to change in order to get the code working?

I am using C#, .net 4 (not client)

Thank you


Sonjavdw wrote May 28, 2013 at 9:38 PM

Used version which has support for .Net v 4.